Church Life


Worship is very important to us at Ichthus Forest Hill, and when we meet together, we love to express our worship to God in a variety of ways: song, music, word, picture and movement.  It is part of expressing our God-given diversity and creativity. Some of us might play an instrument, others have a tuneful singing voice, or maybe we are poetic in writing or expressive in dance.  Yet every one of us is a worshipper, nobody is excluded. 

The worship team meets regularly to play, practise, pray and worship together.  As we grow in our worship life together we hold an occasional Worship Jam when we encourage everyone in the church to come together.  Under the guidance of a worship leader or artist, we explore, try out and learn together new and different ways of expressing our worship – maybe banging on a drum, putting pen to paper or singing an alto part!  Moreover, it’s just great fun enjoying our life together in Jesus.  Come and join in!