Roger & Faith Forster

Ichthus Leadership

Ichthus Forest Hill is a congregation of Ichthus Christian Fellowship, and as such recognises the apostolic leadership of Roger and Faith Forster, who began the movement in 1974.

Congregation Leadership and Prayer Planning

Jesus teaches that the leader must be the ‘servant of all’. Ichthus Forest Hill has a team of ‘servants’ who are led by Debbie Laycock. This team is called the Prayer Planning and we do what the name suggests – we pray and we plan as we lead the congregation forward into what God wants for us.

Meet the team!

Debbie PictureDebbie Laycock trained with Ichthus on the theology, leadership and church planting course, Radical Network in 2001. She helped to re-plant the Ichthus New Life congregation in Greenwich, serving on the team there for twelve years before moving over to the Forest Hill congregation to take on the leadership. She is married to Joe and they have recently had twins!

Roger & Faith Forster Roger and Faith Forster have led Ichthus since establishing it in 1974 and have been strongly involved in leading the Forest Hill congregation in different capacities up to the present time. They are currently vital members of the team, having handed the overall responsibility for the congregation over to Debbie. As well as their wider apostolic role with the fellowship, Roger serves on the Evangelical Alliance’s council, is an honorary vice president of Tearfund, and has written many theological books and papers. Faith is a preacher, teacher, pastor, poet and author. Within Ichthus she has particular responsibility for the Prayer Community.

Prayer Planning Team

IFH PP team
(Left to right) Joe Laycock, Debbie Laycock, David Pharoah, Shirley Embleton, Walter Hayn, Ian Marden, Steve Smith, along with (not in the photo) Anne Pharoah and Martin Hussain

House Group Leaders

Our House Group Leaders also carry some pastoral and prayerful responsibility for the congregation, and seek to encourage and facilitate discipleship for all group members:

  • David Pharoah and Justine and Pete Koukoulis (Beckenham)
  • Debbie Laycock, Shirley Embleton and Janet Wise (Friday Daytime)
  • Smita Hanciles and Joe Laycock (Forest Hill)
  • Walter Hayn and Liz Marsh (Forest Hill)
  • Samuel Arroyo and Paula Casado (Forest Hill – 18-30’s)