Church Life


As followers of Jesus we want to be those who, as the New Testament teaches, give cheerfully, generously and sacrificially towards God’s work.

How it’s used

Regular giving helps to support the ongoing work of both Ichthus Forest Hill congregation and Ichthus Christian Fellowship overall — including areas like Revive, Ichthus Youth, Prayer Community, Training, Evangelism, Overseas Mission (link to ichthus website relevant pages) and more. The majority of our Sunday offerings goes into the Forest Hill congregation, where we support church workers, pay for the use of our venues and reach out to bless our local community. Remember if you pay tax we can reclaim 25p extra from each pound if you give by Gift Aid.

We encourage regular members to make use of standing orders if possible, as it allows us to plan and steward the money effectively. Gift Aid envelopes and Standing Order Forms are available at church on Sundays, along with a more detailsed leaflet about Ichthus Giving. If you have any questions, just ask one of the Ichthus Forest Hill leaders.