Church Life

Men’s Breakfasts

The men’s breakfast meets monthly on a Saturday morning, when about 20-25 men gather for a superb breakfast. In 90 minutes, we eat, discuss, put the world right and air our work and life pressures, in a safe, private, confidential environment! We pray for one another and have seen several unemployed men get jobs.

Men's Breakfast

During breakfast we listen to a short, reflective and inspirational biblical talk from an invited speaker. We support each other through prayer, friendship and worshipping together. This group is open to all men in the church and guests are very welcome. Some of us have very varied work times and pressures so cannot always attend the regular fixed church meetings. This group helps us keep in touch with each other. Additionally some men, who are on the fringes of church life, are enabled to appreciate the fellowship of the church in a gentle way, at their own pace.

When: usually 3rd Saturday of every month

Time: 8:30-10:00 am

Where: Ichthus House, 116 Perry Vale, Forest Hill

Contact: Martin Hussain on 07860313203 or David Pharoah on 07710884524