Church Life

House Groups

Jesus’ teaching on character and spirituality can only be truly practised in meaningful relationships with other Christians. That is why House Groups are an important part of our church life. They give us a chance to build friendships, listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and encouragement together, pray for one another, discuss what God is saying to us through the Bible and challenge each other to keep following after Jesus in our day to day lives.

House Groups are open to those who feel that Ichthus Forest Hill is the church where they want to belong, and who want to be disciples of Jesus and grow in their spiritual life with Him. We currently have 5 groups meeting in Forest Hill, Beckenham and Peckham on Wednesday evenings, and one in Forest Hill during the day on Fridays.

For more details about how to join a House Group, come and talk to one of the Ichthus Forest Hill leaders at a Sunday morning meeting.