Vision & Values

As a congregation, our vision and values can be summed up in three ways:

Jesus, One Another, Wholeness & Discipleship


Jesus is the centre of our lives; He is the hope and the purpose for all we are doing and seeking to do. It is His church and we want to give all glory, honour and praise to Him. He is the centre of our worship, theology & teaching, our witness and our relationships.

One Another

Ichthus Forest Hill is a community. Within it, we recognise the importance of real relationships with one another, and for that we need to exist and grow in God’s love (1 John 4:8,9,11); we want to have humility with each other as we express our gifts and convictions, to give room for the Holy Spirit to guide the church (Luke 4:1); and we want to have an outward-looking, evangelistic heart like that of Jesus (Luke 19:10) to see others drawn in to our church community life.

We love the community we live in and the people who live here. We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with our neighbours, family, friends and colleagues in word and deed.

Wholeness & Discipleship

Jesus said, “When the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.” We believe it is God’s desire to make broken people whole again. Whether we are damaged by our own sins or the way others have sinned against us, Jesus’ death on the cross opens up to every individual the opportunity to walk in close union with God. We can be set free from the old way of thinking and living, and step into Christ-empowered living by the Holy Spirit, which is a wonderful process of renewal.

The various aspects of church life play an important role in building us up into the whole individuals God intends for us to be. “Discipleship” just means “learning” – and we all have more to learn on our journey with Jesus. We are always ready to pray with people in the name of Jesus for spiritual growth or for healing physically, emotionally or spiritually.